Intensive Outpatient Treatment

group therapy

If you have had lingering issues with experiences of trauma and continue to feel less than, we are your place to plug in and heal. By using several types of proven brief intervention therapies you can immerse yourself in treatment to reduce the negative emotions linked to your past. Small groups are the secret to your success.

Groups include:

  • Spirituality in Recovery
  • A Focus on Sober Self Worth
  • Exploring Happiness Theories
  • Natural Settings to Find Serenity
  • Recovery Issues in The Workplace
  • Defining Core Issues
  • Client Tailored Activities

The Partners In Your Treatment Are:

Larry Mabry, LCSW, NGCC-II specializes in Psychodrama: where clients act out their personal problems by spontaneously enacting roles in dramatic performances while in group or individually. (Based on SAMHSA TIP 34)

Doris Carroll, LMHC, CAP specializes in EMDR therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a one-on-one form of psychotherapy designed to reduce trauma-related stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms improving functioning. (Based on NREPP)